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Cardiac Services Program

Cardiac surgery, performed by world-renowned experts, is now available at White Plains Hospital.

This additional surgery has transformed the Hospital into one of the premier destinations for top-quality and life-saving cardiac care in the Hudson Valley. With a roster of expert general cardiologists, the latest interventional and noninvasive diagnostic tools, two cardiac catheterization labs and now cardiac surgery, the Cardiac Services Department at the Hospital works together as an integrated Heart Center team to provide you with full-service cardiac care.

When inpatient cardiology care is necessary, the Hospital has an eight-bed Cardiac Care Unit staffed by cardiologists, pulmonary intensivists and critical care-trained registered nurses, as well as a Cardiac Step-Down Unit. Cardiologists provide much of the direct care and all of the oversight for our wide range of programs in this specialty area.

When cardiac surgery care is necessary, the Hospital has a Cardiac Surgery ICU staffed by cardiac surgeons, cardiac critical care specialists, cardiac anesthesiologists and critical care-trained registered nurses. This unified team will provide the direct care following open-heart surgery.

Cardiac surgery

The Cardiac Surgery Program at the Hospital specializes in highly advanced heart procedures.

World-renowned cardiac surgeons and specialists use state-of-the-art operating rooms and the latest technology to meet the specialized needs of every patient. As a member of the Montefiore Health System, the Hospital draws upon Montefiore’s rich, 65-year history of successful contributions to the cardiac field to remain at the forefront of cardiac surgery and deliver exceptional outcomes for even our most high-risk patients. Montefiore Einstein’s team has contributed many "firsts" to the field of cardiac surgery from the first transvenous pacemaker to the first coronary artery bypass surgery to the first mitral valve repair surgery.

Montefiore | Einstein - Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Emergency cardiac care

When it comes to emergency treatment of a heart attack, quick intervention is necessary to prevent permanent damage to heart muscle and function. In the Hospital emergency department, patients diagnosed with symptoms of a heart attack can be rushed upstairs to one of the Hospital's two cardiac catheterization laboratories. There, a team of interventional cardiologists, nurses and cardiovascular technicians can perform an emergency angioplasty, a minimally invasive procedure which uses a catheter, balloons and stents to reopen clogged coronary arteries.

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Expert heart rhythm specialists

A cardiac arrhythmia occurs when heart rhythms are too slow, too fast or irregular. Electrophysiology procedures are performed to determine where the abnormality is occurring and to correct it. Untreated arrhythmias can have serious health consequences, including stroke. In 2018, White Plains Hospital expanded its cardiac electrophysiology program to treat cardiac arrhythmias with the introduction of several advanced procedures formerly performed only at major metropolitan medical centers.

Learn more about our interventional procedures and two full-service state-of the-art cardiac catheterization labs at White Plains Hospital.